The Lab

We are strategists, designers, developers, storytellers, all working together to get you where you need to be – online.

You will be working with an accessible, friendly and professional team.

We are a distributed team, which means we all work remotely. Less commuting, less CO2 emissions. Remote work brings life efficiency to our members team, therefore, work efficiency as well.

We have years of experience developing websites for a wide variety of  fields and projects all around the World (USA, Spain, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay and more).

We can offer you cost efficient solutions that fits your business characteristics. Every project is unique in its own way.

Meet Us

Santiago Encina

Digital Producer

Simultaneously creating ‘only dreamt of’ digital solutions and stretching beyond imagination – during Yoga time.

Daniel Padrino

Web Designer & Developer

Always between searching for the latest online tide and finding solutions whilst free surfing against the current.

Mariana Paiva

Web Copywriter

Storytelling from ‘dusk till dawn´ and making sure all of it sounds smooth – or simply travelling around with a book.

Emilio Martínez

Full Stack Developer

Can be often found either developing skyrocketing websites or playing the newest computer game.

Yaknel Elorza

Account Manager

Taking care of our clients like no one else would whilst delighting audiences with her four legged best friend: Dahrma.

Mariana Brand


Full Stack Designer

Solving Design conundrums and producing eye catching content whilst walking in the city.